about a dream: Day 55: I love the way these kids play

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 55: I love the way these kids play

I've been meaning to do a post on this, so I guess now's the time.

The girls come up with the funniest things to play and the funniest names for their toys. One barbie doll with a mountain of hair on her head has been dubbed "La Hair-a-lotta." Every time I hear it, I crack up. It's perfect! She has a lot of hair!

La Hairalotta's boyfriend is fashionista Ken, who's been renamed HoHak. I am sure about the spelling of that one because Nina wrote it out. They were drawing pictures (LOTS of pictures!), and there was one guy with short hair (Nina's art is getting very good, but Maggie's is still fairly rudimentary, and hair is a big clue as to who she's drawing.)

"Oh, is this one papa I asked?"
"No!" said Nina, "It's HoHak!"

And sure enough, HoHak was written up top. How could I have missed that?

Last night Maggie was looking through the iPod and talking about BeeBious Cole. I've heard this name before and asked her, who's BeeBious Cole? She told me it's a show that the newborn twins watch.

The newborn twins are a bit of a misnomer, because there's not just two of them. Any small ponies are newborn twins. I just asked the girls how many newborn twins they have and they said simultaneously, "A lot!"

This morning Nina explained that BeeBious Cole is a show for babies starring a foot and a shoe that they film on the iPod and play for the newborn twins.

And of course we can't forget ponies like Pizza Dough, Serena and Satreensa. Add to that that half the time still, their play is in opera (or perhaps operatta is the proper term?), and it all adds up to a whole lot of funny around here!

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