about a dream: Day 32: She lost a tooth!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 32: She lost a tooth!!

It got really, really, REALLY loose last night after she ate some toast before bed. It could have been yanked out by a merciful parent, but Nina wasn't psychologically ready yet. Plus it was bedtime, past bedtime really, the kids are still going to bed at 10:30, and I just wanted her to go to sleep. She was somewhat afraid that it was going to fall out in her sleep, but I was pretty sure it wasn't going to. It was loose, but not hanging by a thread loose. More like hanging by 5 threads loose.
In the morning, I made her oatmeal for breakfast. I vividly remember (or at least, think I vividly remember!) eating oatmeal and losing my ultra loose first tooth. It worked for Nina too! Not 3 bites into her bowl of oatmeal, the tooth was out! Success! She was a bit weirded out, but mostly relieved.
What a milestone! She really, really, really wants the tooth fairy to bring her a new cellphone case for her Droid. She knows that I'm the tooth fairy, she talks about it all the time, but yesterday and today she has talked incessantly about the tooth fairy. I think she might be having second thoughts. Hedging her bets, so to speak. A kind of Pascal's wager, if you will. (I hope you're impressed there mom. Pascal's wager. That $120,000 Jesuit education wasn't for nothing after all!)
The adult tooth was already growing in behind the baby tooth. So it's already through the gums. At first I was worried that the adult tooth was too far from the baby tooth to push it out, but it wasn't. Whew!
Here's the adult tooth:
And here's a picture of Maggie, who didn't want to be left out of the photo shoot:
That's her beach babe pose. Who is a famous beach babe? Bo Derek? That French woman? Apparently they didn't teach us about famous pin-ups at my fancy private university! Oh yes, and I just ran into the tooth fairy. She's leaving Nina 5 Euros. Nina told me this afternoon that the tooth fairy must be really, really rich if she's giving all the kids in the world money every day for their lost teeth, so I suppose she can afford 5 Euros.

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