about a dream: Day 35: Just a lazy summer week

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 35: Just a lazy summer week

I haven't updated in a few days, but there's not much to really write about. The girls and I have been taking it easy and not venturing too far from home. On Tuesday we took a lovely walk in the vinyards nearby. The grapes are turning purple! Quite exciting! I'll try to remember the camera next time we walk there, they really are lovely. Quiet, green, and peaceful. Grapes aren't especially fragrant, but that's ok.
Yesterday we took the BadenerBahn (that's the train that runs from Vienna to Baden) into downtown Baden and walked up to the Kurpark. We didn't take any pictures, but here's some from the last time, to refresh your memories:
It's the park next to the Casino. We hiked uphill to the goats, which we again fed:
Lovely times. This time, there were two very small newborn goats. Adorable! Maggie almost started crying when she saw them, and I thought something had upset her. "What's wrong," I asked. "Are you ok?" and she responed, "I'm just so happy I'm gonna cry. I can't get any happier than this." Aww, how cute! She did cry a few tears, but then she stopped. But since they were happy tears, I guess it's all good. She certainly has strong emotions! When we ran out of 20 cent coins, we fed the goats some grass. Then I got pricked by some stinging nettles, ouch! My fingers didn't feel better until I woke up this morning! If you ever see this plant, AVOID it!!:
After that we went to the pet food store to buy some more crickets for Einstein, who is still thoroughly alive. I can't wait until that gecko is gone! Guess who's ended up doing all of the cricket and gecko care? Mom! Shock of all shocks! The crickets are getting all spoiled too. All of a sudden, they only want to eat their cricket food. I have to buy some lettuce again, hopefully they'll eat that. They won't even touch cucumber. Freaking insects!

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