about a dream: Day 22: Nina is THIS CLOSE to losing her first tooth

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 22: Nina is THIS CLOSE to losing her first tooth

It's so loose!! I know, it's been loose for a while. It got suddenly looser at one point, then stayed at medium loose for months. But today it really catapulted ahead to very, very loose. Not hanging-by-one-thread loose, but gonna-lose-that-tooth-before-she-turns-seven loose. Well, hopefully it's that loose!

Today was a hot, lazy day. I felt nauseous all day, probably because of the migraine I had all night and woke up with. Poor head of mine. So we just laid low, played outside, played inside, and watched a little Simpsons. Not a bad day though.

Yesterday I took the girls to the playground near Nina's school. Nina wanted to go there because it has a zip line (a common feature in Austrian playgrounds). Unfortunately, the awesomely fun and fast zip line near Stefan's house made this zip line seem like child's play. We're spoiled now! I think the zip line at the playground near the castle ruins we hiked to two weeks ago also has a fantastic zip line, and that's closer than Vienna, so we'll have to get back there before too long.

Not tomorrow though! Tomorrow we're going to spend the day at a lake about 45 minutes from here. It's supposed to hit 90 tomorrow, so our timing is perfect.

I'll bring the camera and take pictures this time!

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