about a dream: Day 14: Some more playgrounds, and the kids get a bed

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 14: Some more playgrounds, and the kids get a bed

Hooray! We got this bed for free too! Some friends of the people who let us stay in their apartment the last time we were here were getting rid of it. It's very nice! I didn't get to see it taken apart so I had to make some guesses putting it back together, but it was a pretty basic IKEA bed, so I don't think I messed anything up too badly. Nina is such a great help, too! She tightened all of the bolts for us, and helped Nick and me roll out the slats. They gave us the mattress, too. It's a double, so it's just fine for the two of them. Nina did say she'd like 2 separate beds, but I told her when we're back in Maine we can pull their beds apart and give them each their own. She's ok with that.

So, let's see... what have we done since Sunday. Hmmm... On Monday we... uh... I'm having trouble remembering Monday! Maybe we just played in the apartment and outside. On Tuesday I took the girls to the park with the ducks, and this time we remembered our stale bread (which was so hard and stale that it took all my muscles to cut it up!), and then we played at the playground there.

Today the girls and I walked to a playground that's right next to Maggie's school. It's just a 10 or 15 minute walk from here, very convenient. Then we came home and Nina went back outside to play with her new friends!

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Ruth (the blogger) said...

desiree! i had found your blog before in your fb info, and remembered to look for it again. so cool to read about your first two weeks! love all the pictures. we miss you guys!!!