about a dream: we went to boston this weekend

Monday, April 18, 2011

we went to boston this weekend

it was great fun! we drove down on friday afternoon, what an easy trip. we stopped in brunswick and ate at the china rose (nina's idea). then we went to boarders so nina could pick out a new book. she had to go to the bathroom there, but she's still not always OK with automatic flush toilets (she mostly is, it's not like when she was under 3 and i had to get really good at finding the manual flush toilets. just so you know, the handicapped stalls are the most likely place to find the manual flush. which makes sense when you think about it, people who need help or are going to take much longer to get on and off the bowl are much more likely to accidentally set off the automatic flush and get a cold, unwelcome bottom spray. i think it's insensitive to have any handicapped stalls contain an automatic flush, if you want my opinion).
i digress.
i decided to take nina next door to the old navy to see if they had manual flush toilets there. they didn't. but i did my trick of putting a piece of toilet paper over the sensor, and finally she went. whew.
while we were there, we picked out a few things for each of us. we don't shop very often, so that was pretty fun.
then, on the way back to the car, maggie had to go to the bathroom. sigh... so it was back into boarders since that was closer to the car, one more potty stop, and we were back on the road! it was after 4 by this point, but we totally missed boston traffic, so it was all good. the girls even slept from portland until south of boston (we had to wake nina up!!), what a dream trip. truly the best car ride we've ever had with the 2 kids.

boston was fantastic! the girls were so happy to see their furry cousin, and their aunt and uncle. in spite of having hit up the all you can eat chinese buffet, we were hungry again when we got to erik's, so he cooked us some dinner. what a nice brother!

i think i'll break this up and see if i can post some photos to go with the rest of our boston story... more later!

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