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Monday, April 25, 2011

back to school today

nina wasn't thrilled to go in the morning, but i told her maggie and i would come for lunch, and then she warmed to the idea. i think maggie was as sad about nina going as nina was!
and who could blame them, they had such a great time playing together all day during vacation. maggie was lonely all day, poor kid. i'm just not as fun as nina, no matter how hard i try.

the weekend was also super fun. chester was here, so that was nonstop action, and then easter of course. nina had been looking forward to easter for a long time. we did easter baskets here, then church had an easter egg hunt on the lawn, i hid candy and wrote clues to it at mom and dad's house, and isabelle hid giant eggs full of candy for them. lucky little girls!

i must say, my clues were excellent. one clue led to the next, and i put little chocolate eggs that mom and bought with each one. the girls each had their own clues, too. nina's were written (in rhyme, of course, because clues are better when they rhyme), and maggie's were pictures of things i could draw (like, the fishtank and the clock in the dining room). doing pictures for maggie was nina's idea, she really wanted them each to have their own treasure hunt. it was a great idea!

i have pictures, of course, but i haven't downloaded them yet. i think i am too tired to get the camera from upstairs tonight so hopefully tomorrow. the girls looked adorable in matching pink easter dresses though!

also, i'll keep it quick, but there is much garden news. i transplanted the tomato seedlings to larger containers because they sprouted their first true leaves. the fennel is sprouting, the brussels sprouts look leafy and big, and i even have one cantaulope seed that sprouted. nothing from the watermelon or nasturtium, but i'm trying to be patient. those are what i've started indoors so far. i'm probably going to get a jump on a few more things by the end of this weekend, and then take a break until it's time to sow the post-last frost seeds directly into the soil. then i get to watch things die, lol!!!!!

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