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Friday, April 22, 2011

vacation week!

well, it's been a lovely week. mostly sunny and in the upper 50s, with lots of playing outdoors, bike riding, and walks up the road to get the mail. maggie has been so happy to have nina at home and they've been playing so well together all day. melts a mother's heart!

today the three of us went to story hour at the library, where we enjoyed an easter egg hunt, snacks and juice, story, craft, and music and dancing. maggie was really in to the dancing. her hokey-pokey is adorable! she has also started hopping on one foot, which she's really excited about, AND has been happily wearing a jacket when it's chilly (for the most part). i've been getting a LOT of mileage out of the upcoming easter candy bonanza. i've told her that she'll get lots of easter candy if 1) she wears her jacket when it's cold, and 2) stops eating her boogers. i know, it's gross, i should keep it out of the blog. poor maggie's going to read this one day and be so embarrassed. sorry maggie.

and she's adorable, but she torments me. when i first started discouraging her from eating the boogers, she started putting them on her tongue and sticking her tongue out at me. i thought girls were supposed to be all sugar and spice? lies. i've probably made you all nauseous and erik swear to stop reading the blog forever, but so be it. i value an honest record of their childhoods above all else. maggie's just happens to involve an unpleasant amount of snot.

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