about a dream: assorted cuteness

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

assorted cuteness

here are a few isolated little bits of nina and maggie cuteness:

scene: in nina's room, helping her pick out clothes one morning before school.

me: how about this pink shirt?
nina: no, i'm not too fond of that one.

fond! tea with the queen then!

scene: at grandma's house, watching a horror movie or something (i wasn't there)

nina: don't worry maggie, it's just fiction.

fiction! when i was a kid it was "pretend." or if we wanted to use more syllables, "make-believe."

scene: at the playground in sharon this weekend

me: nina, you really liked that spinning thing at the playground. do you want me to tell you about why it spins faster when you lean in and slower when you lean out?
nina: yeah!
me: well... (brief description of conservation of angular momentum)
nina: why do heavier things have more energy?
me: well, that's just one of the fundamental laws of the universe.
nina: so, you don't know.

oh snap! the girl's right!

i feel bad because i like to balance out nina cuteness with maggie cuteness, but i can't think of anything off the top of my head. no no no, never never never!

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