about a dream: maggie is learning to read.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

maggie is learning to read.

i guess she doesn't want nina getting too far ahead of her!

first i noticed that she's learned the letter sounds. i didn't teach her phonics, so at first i couldn't figure out where she'd learned it from. tv? listening to nina read? nina doesn't do much phonics, she's pretty much a memorize-the-whole-word kind of kid (that's how i read too. i still struggle to pronounce a word i've never seen before!). then i realized that it was from the website starfall, and the starfall app we'd downloaded on the ipod.

anyway, she likes to tell me what sounds each letter makes. the other day she said to me, "E says Eh, Eh. Like when i have to poop." funny kid.

today, we were at my friend eve's house, and there was a magnet on the refrigerator that said "cat." maggie looked at it and said, "that says cat!"

wow! so i guess she's learning to read. nina was recognizing some 3-letter words at this age too, so it still could be 2 years before she's reading like nina was going in to kindergarten. or who knows, it could be sooner. i will continue to do my excellent work of doing nothing and letting them work on it at their own pace. seems to be working so far, and i don't want to push them.

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