about a dream: it's monday and the snow is almost gone!

Monday, April 4, 2011

it's monday and the snow is almost gone!

saturday and sunday were beautiful: saturday in the 50s and sunday reached almost 60. lovely! the snow melted very quickly, now it's mostly all gone.

we had a pretty lazy weekend. mostly we played outside and enjoyed the sunshine (though with all the snow on the ground on saturday, it was too bright to be out there without our sunglasses!). on sunday we went to see a performance of pinnochio at the opera house. the girls really liked it, and nina said she wants to be in the play next time. i hope she doesn't change her mind, that would be so fun!

the down side of all this lovely weather is that i found a tick on me on saturday. :-( i hate ticks! it was one of the really little ones too, i'm lucky i saw it. it was on my skin. if that tiny thing was in my hair, i don't think i'd ever have found it. good thing the girls still have nice light hair, tick patrol will be much easier with them.

there were 4 deer in our backyard yesterday. i took some pictures, but the computer keeps freezing and i can't download them right now. i will later, after i restart.

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