about a dream: another beautiful weekend for fishermen's festival

Saturday, April 30, 2011

another beautiful weekend for fishermen's festival

last night i took the girls to see the miss shrimp pageant. at first they were really into it. then after two hours, they were pretty done. and they were only half way through the talent portion! crazy!
this morning we got downtown in time to see most of the lobster boat races and the crate running. then the girls colored on boothbay house hill (the kids do a big chalk mural there now every fishermen's festival), then we were done.
it was so warm and sunny and wonderful though! we spent the rest of the day outside, except for a short stint inside wherein nick and i took naps and nina read amelia bedelia aloud to us. she's such a great reader, i'm so proud of her.

then it was dinner and more playing outside at mom and dad's. as we left for the night, maggie ran up to the living room sliding doors from the deck outside and shouted, "goodnight! don't get any mischief!!"

haha! such a funny little girl!

*oops, i wrote "don't get any trouble" the first time, but nick reminded me that she actually said "mischief."

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