about a dream: the deer

Monday, April 4, 2011

the deer


Oma said...

The deer are cute, but aren't they the culprits who carry the ticks??? Isn't there a vaccine over there? As I'm sure Nick has told you, he & I got our vaccinations regularly when he was a kid, and I just got a booster a couple of days ago. Maybe the ticks are worse over here, though, because they recommend the shots for everyone.

des said...

yes, i know, i think "LYME DISEASE!" whenever i see them. and garden destroyers, one dug up my new blueberry bush! fiend.

we don't have a lyme vaccine here. nick looked it up and said they did for a while, but people complained about side effects that were probably made up. damn them! maybe we'll get one soon, i'll be first in line!