about a dream: so you've heard about the royal wedding?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

so you've heard about the royal wedding?

well, as irritating as the coverage is, you should all know that it has served a noble purpose. this evening, nina hit her head on the closet door and was crying. my poor baby! so i said, "hey, did you know there's going to be a real royal wedding tomorrow?"
the crying stopped. "really?" she said.
"yes," i said. "a real live prince will marry a princess. well actually, she's not a princess just yet, but she will be after they get married."
"really," said nina, very deadpan.
"yes," i said. "really."
"you're really not joking?"
i nod.
"really. for real. really there's going to be a princess get married?"
(can you tell she didn't believe me? this kept going for a while. all deadpan. it was quite funny!)

woo hoo! she was very excited and totally forgot about her injury. now i have to turn on the TV in the morning and watch some recap, but she'll be excited. so, there you go, next time they interrupt real news for that rubbish, know that it perked up my little princess!

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