about a dream: spring was in the air today!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring was in the air today!

50 degrees, it felt so good! nina stayed home today. she's been impossible to wake up in the morning. totally dead to the world, reminds me of trying to wake up erik. so we've let her sleep in. she's going to bed at her usual time (7:45), and this morning she didn't wake up until almost 8. i figured at that point we'd be so late to school that it'd be too embarrassing. plus her nose was a bit stuffy overnight, and i knew it was going to be the best day in months, so all signs pointed to taking a day off.

maggie was delighted! she's in the best mood when nina's home. and of course nina was too. we still do "home school" when she stays home, i don't want to make it a vacation. but she's so far ahead in reading and math that it's not necessary, i just want to keep a focus on working even if she's at home.

still, we were outside for most of the day. rode bikes in the morning, walked in the woods, and in the afternoon we went to hendricks head to see some crazy people swim in the water for the lepruchan leap! maggie and nina desperately wanted to swim too, even though it was FREEZING at the beach with a horrible wind, but i had to put my foot down. tough mom that i am! i told them next year.

summer is on its way and i can't wait. also, report cards tomorrow!!!

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