about a dream: nina is riding a 2-wheeler!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

nina is riding a 2-wheeler!!

she loves it! she'd been practicing a bit in the basement over the winter, but it's really hard to ride in circles in a small area, so that didn't contribute much. now that it's nice out and the snow is melted, she's finally had a chance to practice outside. she caught on so quickly! we spent some time early in the week practicing on the driveway, and then we took bikes over to courjon road so that she could practice on the pavement. then yesterday and today, she was riding! she still gets nervous after 100 feet or so and stops to look back and see how far she's come, but she's really doing it! we're so proud of her!

yesterday, we went to dinner at the new thai restaurant in wiscasset, it was soooo good. maggie was hysterical; when mom ordered a glass of wine, she said to the waitress, "i'll have some wine too." the waitress looked surprised for a second and then said, "um, i don't think so!" haha, it was too cute.

then a bit later, a couple came into the restaurant, and maggie and nina noticed that the woman was carrying a purse that was very similar to mine. so maggie began to loudly comment on how it was different ("BUT THE ZIPPER IS DIFFERENT!" and "OH HER'S HAS A BUCKLE!") and then nina began to speculate on how old she might be. fortunately she was guessing about 20, so the woman couldn't have been offended. funny kids! of course, i told them it wasn't appropriate to discuss other people at the restaurant, and they stopped.

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