about a dream: Maggie is funny!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maggie is funny!

this morning maggie and i were hanging out with mom. maggie turned to me.

"who's your sister?" she asked.
"tante vanessa," i replied.
"no, your sister is aunt artica!" she said.

wow! what a clever joke!! i think that is better than anything i've ever come up with.

poor little comedienne's temperature was creeping up again as she was falling asleep. even worse, nina was starting to feel warm (though the thermometer read normal) and she had a touch of diarrhea before bed. something tells me i'll be sleeping between two steamy little girls tonight and home with both tomorrow. my poor babies!


Oma said...

Hope everyone gets well soon!!!

Vanessa said...

Seriously, did she hear that on TV or make it up herself?! Does she know what Antartica is? Pretty impressive at under 3!

des said...

vanessa, i don't know! it's possible that she heard it somewhere, but i don't know where. usually i watch TV with her, but i'm not always paying attention to it. she does know about antarctica because that's where penguins live. from the way she said it, it really sounded like she came up with it herself!