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Sunday, March 13, 2011

a little story i'd forgotten to share

on our way down to NY over february vacation, we stopped at a costco in connecticut. we got some dinner, some food to bring with us to our friends' house, and used the bathroom (like, 4 times. they had these crazy loud hand dryers that scared maggie, AND automatic flush toilets, which both girls hate. so maggie was too scared to use the potty at first, and we ended up making several trips. also, multiple trips are necessary because i usually take the girls, then return them to nick so i can go by myself. if i'm lucky i can go by myself anyway, lately maggie has been even clingier than ever, and can't stand to be left with nick for even 2 minutes so she comes with me.)
and that's where we were at that fateful costco evening: i had gone to the bathroom, and maggie had accompanied me to try again (she didn't go). there is a strict rule in public bathrooms--"touch mommy only." it was "don't touch anything," but nina as a wee lass had pointed out that this was inaccurate, since she held on to me in while she was sitting on the potty, for balance.
"touch mommy only!" i reminded maggie. she did a great job. then, while i was washing my hands, i looked over at her, standing at a sink maybe 2 over from me.

then in a flash, she licked the sink!!


i yelled, louder than i meant to, "NOOOOOOOO!!! MAGGIE NEVER EVER LICK ANYTHING IN A BATHROOM!!" and she started crying. i think the panic in my voice scared her more than my yelling. i felt awful.

ah, sweet maggie. maybe it's a good thing that she was already on antibiotics!

at least she didn't like a toilet! and of course, we have amended the rule. and now when she sits on a potty in a public bathroom, she clasps her hands in her lap and firmly shuts her mouth. it is really cute.

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Oma said...

What in heaven's name ever gave her the idea to lick the sink?? ... or anything else yucky, for that matter? What a child!