about a dream: another cold day in late march

Sunday, March 27, 2011

another cold day in late march

cold and windy. at least the sun was bright and warm, when that frigid wind wasn't blowing!

this afternoon nick was outside with the girls, and they were drawing with sticks in the dirt. maggie was drawing a picture of nick. at one point she turned to him and asked, "do you have a forehead?"
"yes," said nick.
"because i drew you with a forehead," she responded.

she's actually getting very good at drawing people (well, very good for a not yet 3 year old). she gets veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry frustrated when she tries to do something but can't do it the way she wants to, so she gave up on trying to write letters a few months back, but i'm really happy she enjoys drawing and coloring. they seem like the kinds of activities that might get her upset, but so far, no. whew!

in garden 2011 news, my leeks are sprouting all over the place. my brussels sprouts, not so much. i have 2 great-looking, nice and hardy ones, and 10 that are either dead, dying, or maybe maybe getting a slow start. i might have to google brussels sprouts and see if they are very sensitive or something. oh well, 2 isn't enough, so i'll try another batch this week if the mabye-gonna-be-ok ones don't perk up. well actually, i guess i'll have to start another batch no matter what, because no way will i get more than 5, and i want at least 10 (so a few can die when i transplant!)

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