about a dream: i just found out something very disappointing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i just found out something very disappointing.

wait, make that 2 things that are very disappointing.

1) i had the very exciting idea to print out my blog. there's this website that does it, it's not called book-your-blog, but it should be, because that's what they do. this blog, as i might have said, is my prized possession. i intend to read through it a million times in my golden years, and to give it to the girls to read when they are older. i mean, how cool is it to have a diary of your early childhood? very cool.

anyway, you're probably wondering where the disappointing part comes in. i'm building this up way too much, i am the only person that's going to find this disappointing. but what happened is, the book-your-blog website tallied that i had 476 posts. if you recall, i recently celebrated my 500th post, based on the fact that blogspot tells me on my dashboard how many posts i have. but it's wrong! the 476 is right! i added up the post count on the left-hand side of the page there. so when i had my exciting moment of hitting my 500th post a few weeks back, i was wrong. and that's disappointing.

oh well though, my plan now is to order the book of my blog once i complete 500 posts. that's a nice, convenient time to archive.


2) nina is convinced that the tooth fairy gives $5 to $6 per lost tooth. she's said this a few times. she asked me a few weeks ago if the tooth fairy was real, in a tone of voice that indicated she does not believe that the tooth fairy is real, so i said no. it's just me. but she still mentioned the tooth fairy giving her $5 (or maybe $6) when she loses her tooth (this is not happening any time soon by the way. the tooth wiggles like, half a millimeter, but she's convinced it's coming out any day now). i don't know if she forgot i told her the truth about the tooth fairy, or if she just doesn't care, so long as she gets her $5.


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you have an easy way to print the blog. How could it be so far off on the tally?

5 or 6 dollars! Wow. I think we got a quarter? Again, very funny!

Vanessa said...

Regarding the tooth-

See this article-

It seems like it should be enough to buy a little treat, and even $1 doesn't buy much these days. The comment to that article suggested a $2 bill, and that seems like a good idea.