about a dream: dinner conversation

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dinner conversation

over dinner tonight nina said, "we're poor, arent we." (it was a statement, not a question).
"how can you tell we're poor?" i said.
"well," said nina, "we don't have very much food."
"why do you say we don't have very much food?" i asked.
nina walked over to the fridge, held it open, and gestured.
"see," she said. "there's not much in there."

ouch! the girl takes after her father. he's always complaining that our fridge is too empty, and accuses me of keeping it that way on purpose. which is kind of a valid accusation, i don't like an over-filled fridge, i find we end up wasting food that way. i like to be able to see everything in there with just one glance. if it's so full that things get hidden, i forget about stuff and it goes bad. but anyway, no one in this house is under-fed!

sheesh, kids!

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Vanessa said...

That is just too funny! I hope you explained that you are not poor!!