about a dream: it's finally getting warm! it's finally getting warm!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

it's finally getting warm! it's finally getting warm!!

wow, what a winter! just never-ending cold and snow. so many days where the highs didn't get out of the single digits and overnight lows were well, well, WELL below zero. brr! the mist sure looks pretty rising off of the water on those -15 degree mornings, and the frost that coats all of the trees, shimmering in the early morning sunlight, is just gorgeous. but BRR! and with the price of oil these days, downright painful.

anyway, that's not the point! the point is that this weekend it was finally warm! 40s and rain, that might not sound like much, but it feels like spring. a foot of snow must have melted this weekend alone. which means that there's still another foot or so of snow on our backyard, and the snowbanks the plows left are only 4 feet tall, but that's ok, it's only a matter of time. spring! spring! next weekend we even change the clocks.

what else... took the girls swimming yesterday and then in the evening, my friend eve and i went to the hootenanny at the opera house. it was fun! nick stayed home with the girls, but i had to come home early because maggie missed me and wouldn't go to sleep for nick. we're getting closer though, she ended up falling asleep in bed with us but she was cuddled up with nick and not me. maybe one day someone else will put her to sleep and i'll be able to stay out late. someday!!

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