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Saturday, March 19, 2011

another fantastic report card!

nina got her second trimester report card, and it is amazing! all check plusses again from mrs. mellor and her gym teacher, and all but one check plusses from her art and music teacher (i think the "usually"s were in "stays focused," so i think nina's true colors are emerging some, haha).

her reading level is listed at 10, with 6 being the target reading level by the end of the year. this would put her at a mid first grade level, which i think is about right. she reads very well, but she is still learning some of the short words (especially the ones that are exceptions to pronunciation rules, and the ones that are just strange english words that you pronounce the way you do because you just do. she's memorizing those very quickly, but there are a lot! also, she still gets tired of reading anything more than a children's book, even though she's capable of reading a page out of most children's chapter books.)

the only thing i didn't like was that mrs. mellor listed her "uses basic computation skills to 5" and "recognizes basic geometric shapes" as "developing." hm... she's done those things since she was 3 or younger! i'm probably going to have a quick talk with her teacher and find out why she went with "developing" (as opposed to "independently").

uh-oh, there's a broken egg in the fridge. guess i need to go!!

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Oma said...

Way to go, Nina!!!