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Monday, March 21, 2011

a maggie funny

this afternoon maggie took all her clothes off (or should i say, pajamas, since that's what she wore all day) after she went to the bathroom. which is par for the course, and half of why there is always a pile clothes in the bathroom. nina is the other half of the reason.
anyway, she was naked for a bit (does she not feel cold?). i kept telling her to get dressed but she didn't want to, and i didn't feel like fighting. pick your battles they say. finally though, it was time to go next door for dinner, so i told her she had to get dressed.

"do you want to put clothes on or wear your pajamas?" i asked. she stood up with her arms in the air and yelled:
"i want to wear:
my lobster dress!"

excitement! she is too funny!

as an aside, it snowed today! i sowed spinach seeds in the garden on sunday, but i think that's fine. they'll probably just sit there until it's warm enough for them to germinate. my book says to sow spinach outdoors as soon as the soil can be worked, so i did! i'll keep you posted of course!

the girls and i also started our leeks and brussels sprouts indoors on saturday. one of the brussels sprouts seeds was uncovered (they only go 1/4 inch deep), and i could see that it's germinating already! i added more soil, but i'm thinking they'll be above the soil within a day or 2. excitement!!!!!!!

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