about a dream: Labor Day weekend

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Busy weekend! We left the house at noon on Saturday to drop linens, blankets, and towels that the thrift store didn't want to sell off at the animal shelter. We've been doing that particular job for months now, but yesterday was the first time that we managed to drop stuff off during the hours that the shelter is open to the public. So we got to walk a dog! Meet Eve:

She and Nina hit it right off.
Isn't she so pretty? She's a bulldog, American we think. Note the cute spots and up tail!

She was so sweet! Very shy, and so easy to walk. Not constantly pulling and tugging like Marley!

After that, it was lunch at Five Guys, back-to-school shopping at Target, and a trip to the zoo. Ok, ok, Petco. We watched the birds and mice for the longest time, it was so much fun.

Then it was over to the bowling alley for Joseph's surprise 30th birthday party! So much fun!! We ate and ate and ate, and bowled and bowled and bowled. In the end, Dad and Erik tied for first, then came mom, Nick, me, and Maggie and Nina (I can't remember the order at the end there). I only did so well because I had the lane guards up. Bowling gutter ball after gutter ball is just no fun.

We left the camera in the car, so here's a photo of us heading home:

Happy, sleepy campers!!

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