about a dream: A quick roundup

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A quick roundup

What  a busy summer! I don't even remember the last time I blogged. We've been going going going nonstop though. Here's some of what's been going on:

We went to our friend Heath's house on Peabody Pond! Here we are underway...
It sure was a packed car!
 No more pictures from the lake, oops! Heath got a bunch though, and I'll steal some of his when he's back in California and they're uploaded to the web.

We've had lots of visits to the Ebb Tide:
Maggie enjoys her visits more than it appears!
I took this photo after Nina's 9 year old well child check (65th percentile for height 25th for weight, which puts her BMI at the low end of normal but perfectly healthy!). Nina didn't need any shots, but it turns out there was one more that Maggie hadn't gotten for kindergarten! She was not worried about it until they pulled out the needle, then she kind of freaked. The nurse ended up putting it in her thigh because I had a hard time keeping her arm still (and she'd shoved them up my shirt to keep them safe). Then, when the needle actually went into her leg, she stopped crying and remarked, "Oh! This doesn't really hurt at all!" I had to chuckle. Most kids start crying when the shot goes in, not stop. Then she said, "Remind me next time I get a shot that they don't actually hurt." So here it is in writing Maggie, it didn't actually hurt!

We've had LOTS of beach and swimming time. Here's Maggie at Hendrick's Head for our dear friends the Mosses' going away party:

Climbing the big rock at Hendrick's.

Here's Nina, same day.
 The going-away party was the same day we got back from Heath's. We left Sebago at about 1:30, got into Boothbay just after 3:30, ordered a pizza at T&D Variety (formerly Dave's AG), and got to Hendrick's at about 5:00. It was a big day!

Today was the Rotary auction. Never a disappointment! This year's haul included 2 mirrors for the girls' bedroom, roller skates, ice skates, an American Girl Doll bunk bed, and some beer glasses for Nick. Well done!

What an adorable roller girl she is!
We're just loving all this summer fun!!

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