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Friday, August 29, 2014

The summer days, they're a-dwindlin'

Oh, the sadness is descending on our house. On Monday and Tuesday I had to work! What is this work? I am not sure I remember?...

Mom had to go to work at 1-ish, so I made sure to leave enough to keep the kids occupied and out of Nick's hair until I got home at 3:30. To that effect, I made them a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt!

One of the items on the scavenger hunt was to photograph a bird. I figured, that'll keep the girls pretty busy, they'll have to be patient, look for some birds, try to get a picture. Genius, right?

Here's what I got:

What's that on her shirt? Leaves? Attached with tape??

This one has a yellow cup on her face...
 They're birds. Har har children.

That's ok though, Nina made up for it by making pancakes. All by herself! She was all, "I want some pancakes," and I was all, "well I'm too busy to make any, and they're too much work, so no." And she was all, "Fine, I'll make them myself."

And she did!! She googled "fluffy pancake recipe" ("fluffy"!), followed all the instructions, and presented us all with this amazing, golden stack of pancakes!!

Those pancakes had some serious fluff.
Then Maggie got buried in some stuffies...

Where is she? Oh yeah, there she is!
Then she exploded out. The fun!

Note that Nina's still wearing her apron in this photo.
So, overall Monday and Tuesday were a success. Then we were in Brunswick to get 2 of Maggie's cavities filled on Wednesday, bummed around the house and went swimming with our friends on Thursday, and back at school for me today. Thankfully, Nina made dinner (fondue), so I got a chance to relax! She's such an amazing cook! I can't emphasize enough how excited I am that she has such a helpful hobby. Nine is turning out to be the best age yet!!

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