about a dream: August, week 2

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August, week 2

I'm just going to have to get used to once-a-week blogging I guess. That's the way it is.

So, here's the roundup from the first week of August: It was probably our most relaxed week so far! Mostly we just kicked it around the house and at mom and dad's pool. On Saturday we went to a party at our friends' the Conlins house, and today we saw Great-Grandma, Uncle Lee, Aunt Maria, and cousin Jessica.

Biggest news of the week is that Nina FINALLY LOST THE TOOTH!!

She was so happy! We were ALL so happy!!
 For the last 4 nights, I'd been wiggling it after she fell asleep. I'd wait until she was in a deep sleep, wiggle furiously and try to extract, kind of wake her up, let her fall back into a deep, deep sleep, and then wiggle again. It was really, really loose yesterday, and then she fell off her bike and it was hanging by a thread, so she just yanked it. Poor kid is pretty bruised up, but she was wearing her helmet, so no serious damage.

In this house, this is considered non-serious damage. Or normal.

Here's Maggie, trying to start a fire with two blocks.
Maggie's teeth are not such good news. Six cavities, probably two of which will require crowns, if we're lucky. If we're not, they'll be extractions. :-(

Remember the Rotary Auction, oh highlight of so many summers? Well, we got a doll bunk bed there, and the girls and their sitter painted it a beautiful white. Look!

Kit and Marisol absolutely love it. Forgive the un-ironed blankets, those wrinkles will be remedied shortly!

And finally, our Moxie wants to show you his wart one last time:

I know, it's gross. I'm sorry...
He's getting it removed tomorrow! He's going to be so handsome again!!

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