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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nina's Birthday Party

Well, it was a week late, but today we finally celebrated Nina's 9th birthday with an American Girl Doll, spa birthday. What a success!

Nina and I spent all morning getting ready. Here's the Happy Birthday Banner above the presents table (complete with shimmery tablecloth).

No spa is complete without some hand-picked wildflowers...

I picked those myself. They really added that special touch...
Their sitter, Sophia, came by early, and helped us set up the nail polish station.

She did amazing manicures with glitter. Glitter! That's what you get when your sitter is valedictorian!

We also did aloe vera facials and a tea foot soak.

Maggie with cucumbers on her eyes. Aww!
 Actually, all of this was a plan for me to get some spa treatment!

Ahhh! It worked!!
 Look at all those nail polish choices...

One friend, Grace, is staying for a sleepover. She's never done a sleepover before, and her parents are skeptical, but we'll see!

We were eating dinner, and Grace was telling us a story about diarrhea, but trying to avoid saying the word. "Why is it such a gross word," she asked. "There should be a better one."

"How about 'loose stools?'" Maggie said enthusiastically, arms swung out. "That's better!"

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