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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peabody Pond

Heath sent some pics!

First, the trampaloon, which was even better this year thanks to the addition of a waterslide. I, bravely, was the first to try it.

All the grace of a beluga whale...
 It wasn't wet enough to really "slide" down, and the picture above does not do my lack of grace justice. Heath remedied the situation by spraying the slide with non-stick cooking spray, which rubbed off of our bodies all over the rest of the trampaloon, providing us all with hours of slippery hilarity.

We survived and made it back to the dock:

Lovely scenery!
There's now also a lovey pontoon boat, which we played on but didn't take out.

More trampaloon. Even Nick got out there!

Heath and Nick look ridiculous, but Maggie looks adorable!
 Nina, practicing her float. Could her arms and legs get any longer??
Or whiter? Next summer I might have to lay off the sunscreen...
 Me and the girls, back at the trampaloon. Nina is about to go down the slide. The tube/life vest combo is to eliminate any chance that she could go underwater. It worked!

It was a great day. Heath will be back there over Christmas break, and the girls want to check the place out in the winter. So I guess we'll be back this year. And next year, we'll definitely plan to spend two nights. One just wasn't enough!

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