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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Nina!!

Yesterday, it looked like Nina was going to have an utterly awful birthday.

This is the saddest almost-birthday girl ever
 She ran a fever of 103 all day and couldn't keep anything down. She mostly slept, which was good, and then finally kept a dose of Tylenol down at 8:45. An hour later she woke up sweaty, fever broken, and HUNGRY. Yay! She's not 100% today, but much, much better.

Interestingly, most of her presents were really for Kit and Marisol. Like, new bunk beds, with coordinating bedding!

See the "K" on Kit's pillow and the "M" on Marisol's?
Yesterday she opened up her Easy Bake oven. During her 3 minutes of feeling halfway decent, we baked a couple of cakes in them. But at least it cheered her up a little!

She also got a gift in the mail from the Hermans: new PJs! Maggie held them up after she opened them and exclaimed, "New pajamas Nina! For when you're huge!"

It was hilarious! They do look huge, but they fit perfectly. She's really growing up!!

Today we had cake and Nina opened up a few more presents--an alarm clock from Grandma and Grandpa and this new outfit for Marisol:

The shoes even have little taps on them!
She's so excited by her Amazon gift certificate from Oma and Opa that I think it's going to take her weeks to decide what to get! Amazon does put the whole world at one's fingertips though, it's a lot to pick from.

I can't believe she's 9. Unreal. Nine!! Where did my little snug-muffin go??

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Oma said...

Every time I see that first picture, I think, "Awww, poor, Nina!" She really looks miserable! I'm so glad she recovered in time for her birthday!