about a dream: A garden update!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A garden update!

I know how everyone just LOVES my garden updates!

This one is about my flowers, which were pretty successful. Look!

Above are the cosmos, which have finally bloomed. Lovely!

Morning glory in a wrought iron basket on the exterior of the house

And finally:

I harvested some of my potatoes today! They're small, as usual, but they're mine and I love them!! They're going in the chowder tonight.

Bad news is that Maggie caught the virus. She woke up Saturday night/Sunday morning just burning up and with a sore throat. She felt miserable yesterday, but is turning the corner today. Poor little pumpkin!!


Oma said...

Get well soon, Maggie!
Des, the flowers are lovely, and the potatoes look scrumptious!

des said...

Thanks Anne!!