about a dream: The rest of Labor Day weekend

Monday, September 1, 2014

The rest of Labor Day weekend

Yesterday we started the day by taking the dogs up to the top of the hill and cheering on the runners doing the Harborfest Half Marathon. One of my friends and fellow teachers was running, and the girls had even made her signs. Aw!

Aren't they just adorable!

 The signs say "go Lauren" (Maggie's "g" is backwards, don't say anything! She doesn't take constructive criticism very well!). They both picture a bunch of people running, and Nina's says "Lauren in the Lead." Nina is an excellent cheerleader.

And a savvy, retro dresser!
Maggie is NOT such a good cheerleader. The first people that ran by, we clapped for. Great. Then the next group, Maggie shouted, "YOU'RE NOT WINNING!"

Embarrassing! It's a small town, you know?

So I told her to say something nicer than that, which she forgot about by the time the next group of runners came by. So again she shouted, "YOU'RE NOT WINNING!" until finally she got the message and told the next group, "I LIKE YOUR SHOES!"


THEN, we kept checking to see if the next runner was Lauren, and one time she goes, "No, that's not Lauren, that's an elderly woman." Eventually the jogger starts by us and she turns and says "Oh, that's not an elderly woman, that's an elderly man."

So embarrassing!!

Finally, she just stuck with "Good job!" Relief. Then Lauren came by and we high-tailed it home. It's a wonder I'm not more gray.

But gosh darn it, we're such a cute group!!

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