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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sunflower bounty!

I've waited and waited for this day, and it's finally here!!

It's a bloomin' patch of sunflowers!!
 Here's some up close:

Some have light centers

Some have dark centers. Excitement!!
Today after school was a community BBQ at the elementary school and family night at the book fair. We ate hot dogs and hamburgers (no cheeseburgers, Maggie ate potato chips and salad), and then played at the school playground before picking out some books.

Then we jumped on the trampoline. Best $250 we ever spent!

This child is never short on energy
 Here she is doing a flippersault:
She's always a blur on the trampoline. And she invented the word flippersault.
 Her Highness Queen Margarete had a touch of a headache and did less bouncing

She IS growing like a weed, but this photo looks pretty stretched out   

Now the girls are doing sticker books before we get ready for bed. The days just fly!

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