about a dream: First day of school!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of school!!!

Fourth grade and first grade! Look how cute they are!! Look at those sweet faces!

Look at those braids!
 They were, dare I say, somewhat excited to go back to school. They like their friends, they like their teachers, they like doing stuff without me for a change.

But when I picked them up from school, their faces looked more like this:

One as thrilled as ever, one angry. I'm sure you can guess which was which.
I'm not really sure what went wrong with Maggie. She was upset that one of her new classmates carries an EpiPen, which apparently hurts if she gets injected, but will save her life. I think she wasn't certain that she won't ever need an EpiPen, but clearing that up didn't help much. So we went to the Ebb Tide and got some grandma, fries, and strawberry frappe. Then life was good.

She's agreed to give it one more try tomorrow. If that doesn't go well, she's dropping out.

Nina likes her new teacher, but I didn't get too much else from her. With prompting, I've managed to get that they have snack early this year, and they made a somewhat involved craft.

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