about a dream: A September miracle!

Monday, September 8, 2014

A September miracle!


A sunflower I grew in my garden!!
 Wow! I've tried sunflowers before, and this is the first time one has ever bloomed! Oh sweet success!! And, knock on wood, there are about a dozen more to follow! Maybe I just have better luck with flowers than with vegetables. Though, I did quite fine with snap peas and green beans this year, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time clearing brush. I can't find a before photo, so I'll just go straight to a now:

Trust me, there are a lot of saplings that you don't see...
 After dinner, the girls and I spent a lot of time outside, bouncing on the trampoline and playing on the swings. We had the most beautiful sunset!

The sky was just glowing! And Vanessa, I took those last 2 photos with the iPad. Hopefully the quality is better.

Maggie's second day of school went much better than her first. She says now that first grade is "good." Fourth grade is also "good." They have no further statements at this time.

Oh, and my classes are "good" too!