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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

They're such great artists

My girls can really draw. They draw ALL THE TIME, and everything they draw is adorable. Two days ago, they were drawing their dolls. Here's what Maggie came up with:

That's Brittany on the left, what about baby Jane in the middle, and Jeanette on the right. 
Oops I mean the Elenore is in the middle. My bad.
 And here are Nina's:

Nina's are Courtney, Erin, and Brittany, also left to right.

Before she started on Courtney, she turned to me, made this pose:

and said, "Courtney is going to be like this."

And I was like, "Ok, sounds good to me."

Then I watched her draw Courtney, and laughed.

Because it kind of looks like Courtney is doing something else...
HA! But she specifically showed me the pose she was going for. So close, yet so far...

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Oma said...

LOVE the drawings!!