about a dream: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't actually have any Thanksgiving pictures yet, because we didn't bring our camera next door. But here's a photo of the lemon meringue pie the girls and I made yesterday:

Wow, look at that! It tasted as good as it looked, too. It was Nina's idea, she'd never had lemon meringue and wanted to taste it. So we found a recipe and whipped it up!

It was amazing. Nina liked the lemon part more than the meringue, and Maggie liked the meringue more than the lemon. They're such a perfect pair.

Later on I'll get the pictures from mom and dad's camera and put some of those up.


Oma said...

The pie looks scrumptious!

des said...

It really was perfect! I think lemon meringue is going to be our new thing!