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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back home

Ah, it's nice to visit NY, but it sure is nice to be back!

We had the easiest ride home that we've had in 8 years. What a difference it makes now that both girls are over 5! We stopped twice for 5 minutes and made it in about 6.5 hours drive time. We stopped at Shaw's at the very end, which threw off our total trip time, but boy did we fly. Lovely!

After Shaw's we unloaded the car and Nick and the girls went to pick up the dogs while I started dinner. What a joyful reunion that was. The dogs bounded out of their pen and smothered them with love. Then when they got back to the house, I got my kisses and they generally ran around like crazy beasts for an hour. Adorable. They were so happy to be back home!

Then, school. Nina has started chorus on Tuesdays and she loves it. Maggie is too young to join and I had a staff meeting until 4, so mom picked her up and they got some fries at the Ebb Tide. Then both girls coerced mom into buying them toys at Sherman's. They sure know who to hit up for a new sticker book.

Then homework, bath, and bed. Where do the days go??

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