about a dream: Busy weekend!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Busy weekend!

On Friday, Nick took the girls to the Opera House's Second Annual Daddy/Daughter dance. What a fun time they had! Lots and lots of dancing, plus punch and cookies and who knows what else.

Look at those beauties!
There was a photographer there taking pictures of the dads and daughters, but they're not up on the click website yet.

But look what is on the website!

It's my Halloween cuties!

While the kids were out dancing it up, mom and I went out with the orphaned moms of daughters. Lovely!

Today we went to Brunswick to see a movie. Free Bird (or was it Free Birds?), a cute movie about two turkeys who travel back in time to get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu. What a great time! The girls absolutely loved it, and so did Nick and I.

Now all four of us are chillaxin on our own laptops. Ah, family life in the 21st century!

Oh, I almost forgot! Nina came up with the funniest joke at dinner today:

"What is a teacher's favorite cheese?"

(wait for it....)

"Graded cheese!"

Ha!! Get it? Graded instead of grated? She's so darn clever!!


Vanessa said...

Love the joke Nina!

Oma said...

What sweethearts! And I agree, Tante Vanessa, the joke is pretty good!