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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Frozen Turkey Hunt!

Ya ever go frozen turkey hunting? It looks something like this:

And by "something like this" I mean "exactly like this"

Note the stickers on the apples. I'll explain in a minute.

You see, a frozen turkey hunt, as held at the botanical gardens, involves hunting for apples hidden all over the grounds of the gardens. This year there were 600 apples, 200 of which had stickers on them (and one of which was golden).

The stickered apples get you a prize! You don't know what the prize is until you turn the apples in (well, show them. You get to keep the apples too), though word tends to leak, and we knew in advance that the orange stickers got a turkey.

So, go Maggie! She found us a frozen turkey!

Nina's apple got us a small bag of Maine maple syrup popcorn from Coastal Maine Popcorn company in town, and my plain, non-stickered apple will go into a nice pie or crisp. The golden apple is the big prize: it's worth 300 gallons of oil (or did I hear a rumor that it was 2 cords of firewood this year?). Very cool! We didn't find it.

Such a fun day anyway though! It was cool but not too cold, and the sun was bright and warm. Before this, we were shopping in town in our PJs for the annual Early Bird sale. It was a blast, and as always, sales abounded. However, no pictures from that. Maybe next year.

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Oma said...

Yay, Maggie! Enjoy the turkey, everyone!