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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sick again...

This has not been our year, let's just put it that way. On Monday Mrs. Holmes buzzed the intercom in my classroom and told me the school nurse was on the phone for me. Uh-oh, this can only mean one thing. Sick child. So I went down to the office and sure enough, Nina had a bad tummy ache  and needed to go home. I couldn't reach mom so I just went and got her, and she sat in the back of my classroom for my last period and studied some physics.

Then I went to pick up Maggie at the end of the day, and she was complaining of a tummy ache. With no prior knowledge of the fact that I'd already picked up Nina with the same ailment. Not good.

The three of us went home and spent the afternoon relaxing. Nina didn't feel any better, but didn't seem to feel much worse either. Same for Maggie.

The girls fell asleep around 8, but then Nina threw up at 10:00. Oh dear. I put her back to bed (luckily she'd made it to the bathroom, so no sheet changing required) and she shivered herself up to about 103 degrees in no more than 5 minutes. That girl has a truly impressive ability to spike a fever.

By 10:30 she was asleep and I was feeling pretty nauseous myself, so I went back downstairs and emailed the secretaries to request a sub. Then I wrote up lovely sub plans (truly. Debbie and Diane were so impressed that I heard from people all day today what amazing sub plans I write, and that I might one day have to teach a class on writing sub plans). Then I hunted for the thermometer, worried that I couldn't find it and Nina was really hot, couldn't sleep, maybe slept a little, got up when Nina's stomach started hurting, decided I needed to find the thermometer, finally found it, took her temp (102.6), figured it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, gave Nina medicine because her stomach started hurting really badly, then finally fell asleep for the night at about 3 am.

Tuesday was better for me and Maggie, but Nina still didn't feel very good. Maggie was fine, I'd just kept her home figuring that the odds were good she'd end up throwing up too, but she didn't. Still, she milked the sick thing for all it was worth.

At one point she wanted me to bring her tea, and I told her in just a minute, that I wasn't feeling well either and needed a little more time. Then I forgot it. When she remembered that she'd asked and I hadn't brought it, she got angry.

"WHERE'S MY TEA?!!" she demanded.

"In a minute Maggie," I said. I was tired. "Mommy's a little sick, I'll get it when I feel better."

"GRR!! Bring me my tea! I don't care if you're a little sick. I wish you were dead. I wish you were dead in the grave."

She really said that. Over tea.


She talks through gritted teeth when she's angry, it's too much.

I finally brought her tea, I was afraid not to.

Today she and I went to school but Nina stayed home again. She seems a lot better, so fingers crossed, we'll all be back tomorrow.

Even though Maggie can be rather cold, there's a chance she regrets her treatment of me and Nina yesterday (she made her cry, talking about how she doesn't care that Nina is sick). Tonight at bed, she was crying. She wants to have a chance to live her life over again--to be reborn. She says she knows which mistakes she made and she knows how to fix them. I asked her what her mistakes were (failing to kill Nick? Tampering with the brakes? I might really need to know...), but she wouldn't tell me. Fingers crossed that it's related to being unkind and she does know the feeling of remorse.

Ok, late. Bedtime.

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