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Saturday, November 30, 2013

And then, Santa!

Santa arrived at the common today. Such fun.

My sweet girl, asking for a Monster High doll.
Little Maggie, looking so darn sweet here. But what was she asking Santa for? Tense!!
And all 4 of us, enjoying a moment of holiday cheer in spite of the cold:

If I were to do photo Christmas cards this year, this would be it. But I'm not.

This afternoon, we were telling the girls that Santa would be coming this evening, and we asked what they were going to ask him for. Nina had a list of toys a mile long, but Maggie's mind was somewhere else. (Of course it was).

"I'm going to ask Santa for Liam to kiss me," she said.


"Kiss you?!" I said. "You're too young for kissing!"

She doesn't care what I think, though. So I told her I was pretty sure Santa just did toys, and first kisses were out of his range.

Poor Nina though was mortified that Maggie might actually ask Santa for a kiss from her "boyfriend." (According to her, he's her boyfriend. "Does he know he's your boyfriend?" I asked. "No," she said. "I haven't told him yet.")

"If you actually ask him that, I'm going to tell everyone you're not my sister," Nina threatened. She was horrified, as you can imagine. Beyond embarrassed.

Fortunately, Maggie just asked for a Pinkie Cooper doll. Big sigh of relief. But something tells me this isn't the last we'll be hearing on the subject of kissing.

(At least Liam is a kindergartener and, at the moment at least, has no tattoos.)

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