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Thursday, November 7, 2013

definitely on the mend

Both girls were home from school on Wednesday and both went today, though I stayed home today. Apparently I looked awful yesterday because people kept asking if I felt alright. So I got everything together for the sub yesterday afternoon and then prepared for a day off.

I guess I really did need it, I pretty much slept until noon today! I got up with the girls at 6 and got them off to school, then went back to bed from 7 till almost 9, put up a load of laundry and steamed that vomit stain out of the carpet in the family room, then went back to bed from about 10:30 to noon. It was lovely! And so is the carpet again.

Now the girls are home. I did dope Nina up with some ibuprofen and dimetapp on her way out the door, so she felt fantastic all day. Dimetapp and other over-the-counter cold medicines are not allowed in kids under 6 any more (apparently they don't work and very occasionally cause a fatal reaction, so not worth the risk!), so Maggie had to deal with her lingering stuffiness and cough with just some honey. She did just fine too though.

I knew Nina was feeling better yesterday when she started dissecting the chicken bones. She wanted to see if there was marrow inside the bigger ones (of course she did! Haven't you always wondered the same thing??), so I grabbed our biggest bread knife and hacked it open for her. Lo and behold, marrow!

Then we stuck it under the microscope. She's such a little scientist!

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