about a dream: Squirrel Island, sick day, and boyfriends...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Squirrel Island, sick day, and boyfriends...

Poor little Nina was home sick again today. She ran a fever all day yesterday and woke up with a really sore throat again overnight. Poor little dear. She was on the mend though today, so if she's not back at school tomorrow I think she'll definitely be well enough on Wednesday.

Maggie had her field trip to Squirrel Island! Mom chaperoned, and they spent the day wandering around the island. They heard ghost stories, saw the library, built fairy houses, and walked on the rocks. Maggie says her favorite part was the ghost stories. Mom was also responsible for one of Maggie's classmates, and on the way home Maggie told mom that she was a little bit jealous that the other girl got some of her attention. Aw! So cute.

So, last night we were watching this TV show about a guy who builds treehouses (professionally, what a fun job!), and an ad came on for a guy who catches wild animals. He had long, dyed blond hair.  Nina was... disgusted.

This led to a conversation about future boyfriends.

Maggie drew a picture of her and her boyfriend. I'll get a photo of it, but it's at mom and dad's house, so you'll have to use your imaginations until then. There's Maggie in a pink dress, with the tips of her hair dyed red. She has her hands clasped under her chin in that love-struck way.

Her boyfriend has shoulder-length brown hair and bangs (she was very clear about the bangs). He's wearing a tank top and has tattoos on his arms and legs. You can see the leg tattoos because he's wearing shorts. They both have hearts floating above their heads, signifying their love for each other. This is on the left hand side of the page.

On the right is the boyfriend dead. He has a sword through his heart and his head has been cut off. I guess somebody didn't like him. Somebody very mean. These are Maggie's words.

Nina and Maggie won't be fighting over the same men, that's for sure. Nina is horrified by men with long hair, men with dyed hair, men with tattoos, and men with piercings. She definitely goes for the clean-cut, bookish type. The kind of guy who isn't always kissing his muscles (her words). Also no beard. A little bit of scruff like Niki is ok, but that's it. And NO glasses!

Oh my!! Hopefully their dating days are still a long way off!

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Oma said...

The boyfriends! Hilarious!