about a dream: The first cold of the school year.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The first cold of the school year.

Well that didn't take long. Who's surprised? Raise your hands.

Oops! I'm writing in the blog, not in school. Teacher-think really creeps into everyday life!

I think this cold actually came over from the elementary school, because the parents of the kindergarteners were the first ones to start sniffling. It's in the high school pretty well too though, lots of kids going through lots of tissues. My throat is slightly sore and I'm sneezing just a bit, and hopefully this is the worst of it. I've been feeling about the same for the last 24 hours, knock on wood that that means I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Maggie's been sniffling too and Nina's been a bit sneezy, but so far they're doing alright. Fingers crossed that this one moves on out in the morning!

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