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Friday, September 6, 2013

What a week!!

We're exhausted. Well, you wouldn't guess "exhausted" if you could peek into our living room right now, because the girls are smothering the dogs with love, sliding down the banister, and generally creating mayhem. I'm exhausted anyway!

School's been great! Nina was worried about third grade being hard for nothing. All that anxiety, gone to waste. According to her, they're still learning the classroom rules, but she's finding ways to sneak in a little learning by looking at posters and whatnot around the room. So, same old same old there.

Maggie is doing wonderfully. First off, she's been dressing herself in regular clothes, which is really nothing short of a miracle. I'm talking dress, underwear, shoes, and socks. Speechless. She has, in three days, managed to get into more trouble than Nina has in three years, but that's not unexpected. Apparently there was a disagreement over whether she should pick up the cucumbers she spilled in the cafeteria, followed by a disagreement over whether the playground rules apply to her, followed by a disagreement over whether the recess time out rules apply to her. All's well though, she didn't seem troubled by any of this. Just in case though, mom "happened to be" passing by the school at recess time and stopped by to rough up the recess monitors and make sure her grand baby doesn't get another time out. Turned out to be unnecessary though, as there was no trouble today.

Things are fine on my end too. The kids are great. I've been really impressed by how well they work independently on projects. I gave my robotics class bins of Legos and told them to build a car powered by a rubber band, and they got right on it, working quietly until the end of class. Amazing! They even pick up the Legos by themselves! I haven't stepped on one yet.

Still, I'm very glad it's the weekend. There's nothing like sleeping in and relaxing Saturday mornings!

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Oma said...

Good for all three of you girls!!