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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What The Heck!

Maggie is playing with her sticker book.

"What. The. Heck? What. The. HECK! What the heck, only two hats? What the heck is this? WHAT THE HECK!!!"

Oh my gosh, this kid is a riot.

"What the heck?! Go brush teeth?"

That was in response to Nick telling her to brush teeth.

What a day. Little miss came home from school rather moody, but now she's in a great mood. Good thing it's Friday Eve!

Ha, I told Nina yesterday that I was renaming "Thursday" "Friday Eve." And Nina thought that was great, and counter-proposed that "Friday" become "Fridmas." Because it's as great as Christmas!

Fridmas! I love it!


Oma said...

I wonder if someone suggested to Maggie that she substitute whatever she may have been saying with "heck"?! It's cute as heck in any case!

Re "Frimas": So that means on Thursdays you can start saying TGIF .. at least at the Halter household!

Oma said...

Oh, sorry ... correction: "FriDmas"!