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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Feeling better.

Knock on wood, but I don't think I've ever gotten over a cold so quickly in my life. Yes, it was a very mild one for everyone, but my body can take a mild bug and re-arrange it into something deadly, so this was still a pretty big deal for me. Mind you, I'm not totally better, but I'm definitely feeling on the up-swing.

Aside from the cold, our September is going really well. The girls seem to be liking school (no one's begging to stay home in the morning anyway), and my classes are going great too. I think the girls are much happier knowing that I'm going off to school too. We're in this thing together.

Anyway, I think my classes are going well. I'm giving my physics and Algebra II kids tests next week, so we'll see then if they're learning as much as I hope they are.

One thing that's surprised me about teaching is how quickly the day zooms on by. Have I written about this already? I think it's partly because my day is divided into 50 or 55 minute chunks (the periods are shorter on Wednesday because of early release), so I don't have time to ever get bored. Less than an hour doing one thing, and then bam! on to the next! Then there's a lunch break or free period thrown in there, and before you know it the day's over. The weeks just fly by too. Of course, getting out at 3:00 helps there too. But then yesterday, one of the teachers told me that things kind of drag from September until Thanksgiving, but then after that the year just flies. And I kind of panicked! I don't want the year to fly by! Time flies enough as it is, I want it to go slower. So, I'm a little nervous now that I'm going to turn around and it's going to be June. Unacceptable.

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