about a dream: Tea Party anyone?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tea Party anyone?

Nina made a fruit salad and put together this absolutely gorgeous tea party for Tante Vanessa:

Besides the fruit salad and tea (of course!), everyone got one marshmallow. So cute. Unfortunately, Vanessa was taking a nap (she'd had to get up at 4 am the night before to catch her flight here), so Unk got to enjoy the party in her place.

Oh, I almost forgot! There was one other treat at the tea party. Cool whip!

I took this one this morning. It's Nina's nervous face. Wyatt was playing with something and Nina was unsure about whether he could break it.

The heat has finally broken and we had a lovely day today. Much cooler, mostly cloudy, and a little rain in the afternoon. 75 has never felt so good!!


Oma said...

What a nice tea party!!

Vanessa said...

So sweet Nina! I'm sorry I missed it!